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Junior Blind of America

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Children's Services


Junior Blind's Infant & Early Childhood Program provides a wide range of services for children with visual impairments and other disabilities, from birth to age 6. Specializing in early intervention, this program provides in-home services to infants, from birth to age 3, to help increase visual functioning, sensory awareness and communication skills, as well as improve physical, cognitive and emotional development. For children ages 3-6, this program continues to provide parents with essential skills and support to become successful advocates for their child's education and care.

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Welcome to Junior Blind's new Children's Residential Program (CRP).

In response to the changing needs of our residents and community partners, Junior Blind's CRP program has evolved. Children and youth previously residing at the CRP have now moved into group homes in the community surrounding Junior Blind, where they continue to enjoy the warm, secure home environment for which we are well-known, but in a more individualized setting. For more information about Junior Blind's Group Homes, please click here.

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Junior Blind's Special Education School (SES) offers children and youth, ages 3-21, who are blind, visually impaired and have multiple disabilities a safe and positive environment forlearning and growth. Teachers work with students to develop self-esteem and achieve their highest level of independence.

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Junior Blind's Vision Screening Program provides vision tests, referrals and follow-up support and services to help identify and prevent future vision problems for thousands of low-income pre-school and elementary-school children.

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Integrating children who are blind with those who are sighted, Junior Blind's After School Enrichment Program provides a safe, fun and educational environmentfor children to learn the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition while expanding their horizons.