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Understanding Blindness And Visual Impairments

People often have misconceptions about blindness and visual impairments. We hope that this information can correct some of these and lead you to a clearer understanding.



Albinism is a congenital condition that affects the pigmentation and color of the eyes and may also affect the skin and hair. Most patients with albinism have a very high degree of vision and are some of the best candidates for low vision care. The main visual consequences of albinism are photophobia (sensitivity to bright light and glare), blurred sight, and nystagmus (uncontrollable shaking of the eyes). There is no surgical or medical treatment to correct albinism but fortunately it is a stable condition that does not lead to total blindness.




Amblyopia is a condition in which a person’s vision does not develop properly in early childhood because the eye and the brain are not working together correctly. Amblyopia, which usually affects only one eye, is also known as “lazy eye”.



Cataracts is a condition in which the lens of the eye, which is normally clear, becomes cloudy or opaque (preventing light from passing through). Cataracts generally form slowly and without pain. They can affect one or both eyes.

Cortical Visual Impairment

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) is a temporary or permanent visual impairment caused by the disturbance of the posterior visual pathways and/pr the occipital lobes of the brain. The degree of vision impairment can range from mild to severe visual impairment.

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