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Junior Blind of America

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Junior Blind provides a wide range of services to infants, children, teens and adults who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled. Through unique programs that offer early intervention, education, recreation and rehabilitation, our students learn the skills that will help them overcome challenges, maximize their potential and achieve their highest level of independence. All services are offered free of charge.

Learn more about the specialized services we offer for infants and children who are blind, visually impaired or at risk for vision problems, as well as those who have multiple disabilities, such as autism, developmental delay and cerebral palsy.

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Would you like to become more independent, secure a job or embark on a college career? Our youth and adult services provide educational, vocational and independent living instruction for those who are blind or visually impaired. Learn how orientation and mobility, adaptive computer skills, money management, cooking, cleaning, maintaining a household and Braille play an instrumental role in advancing along a successful path to independence.

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Recreation is invaluable in instilling fundamental skills essential to a child’s healthy and successful development. Educational and experiential learning through our Visions: Adventures in Learning Program and Camp Bloomfield provide children and youth who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled, with the opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem, while learning the value of teamwork and leadership.

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