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A Family Affair

Arturo, his mother and his brother at Camp Bloomfield

Arturo, his mom and older brother attend the family camp session at Camp Bloomfield every summer. Thanks to dear friends like you, little Arturo has gained the confidence to strive for and achieve goals!

Arturo is a resilient little guy! Born more than a month early, he spent weeks in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units. Because he was a preemie, he had some breathing issues and was considered at risk for asthma or bronchitis.

Once home, Arturo seemed to be doing well until he was six months old. His mother Tiata noticed something terribly wrong. Arturo’s eyes were crossing and he wasn’t meeting developmental milestones for children his age. While other children were sitting up, Arturo was limp.

Sadly, a doctor confirmed Tiata’s worst fears. Arturo was diagnosed with cognitive and motor delays and myopia (significant nearsightedness).

Devastated, Tiata knew she had to help her boy persevere and quickly found the critical assistance she needed at Junior Blind. Arturo began receiving early intervention services immediately.

“Junior Blind changed our lives,” says Tiata. “Our specialist Marina provided Arturo with stimulation services that promoted the optimal use of his vision while integrating elements of physical and occupational therapy to maximize his overall progress. My baby has thrived!”

Up until age four, Arturo alternated between using his wheelchair and walker to get around, but last summer at Camp Bloomfield, he walked the entire time!

“Arturo can be himself and try new things without the fear of being judged at Camp Bloomfield,” Tiata says. “All of us feel freer here because everyone at Camp Bloomfield understands exactly what we’re going through. It’s a magical place for us.”

Junior Blind’s early intervention services through our Infant & Early Childhood Program and Blind Babies Foundation offer families the critical support they need from the moment their children are diagnosed with a visual impairment. Thank you for making it possible for us to help those in need.

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