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Infant and early Childhood Program

Blind Babies Foundation

As of July 1, 2014, Blind Babies Foundation became a program of Junior Blind. Blind Babies Foundation has been providing critical early intervention and education services to infants and preschoolers in Northern California who are blind or visually impaired since 1949. The program’s family-centered services are provided in the homes of the families we serve, encouraging every child’s development to the fullest degree possible with careful attention to their individual abilities and needs.

Our Services

Blind Babies Foundation’s services are designed to help increase visual functioning, sensory awareness, communication and social skills, as well as improve physical, cognitive and emotional development. Our program serves the child’s entire family by:
  • Administering visual and developmental assessments
  • Providing parent education and information supporting parent/child relationships
  • Attending medical visits with families
  • Supporting family advocacy skills
  • Connecting the family to resources and additional agencies when appropriate
  • Providing opportunities for families to meet and to learn from one another

Who We Serve

Our Vision Impairment Specialists (VIS) serve more than 500 children under 6 years of age who are visually impaired each year in 14 Central and Northern California counties—all at no cost to families. Taking into account the family members, medical professionals, caregivers and teachers we advise, train and collaborate with, more than 4,000 people benefit from our program’s services every year.

Our Staff

Highly experienced and educated in the field, our Vision Impairment Specialists (VIS) help families understand the impact of vision impairment on the growth and development of their child and demonstrate activities that help the child learn about the world.

Referral Procedure

Anyone may refer a child for services by contacting the Blind Babies Foundation office, including family members, healthcare or blindness professionals, Regional Centers and school districts. Services are initiated only with the consent of the family.


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