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The Hatlen Center

The Hatlen Center, a Program of Junior Blind

Students at The Hatlen Center, a program of Junior Blind, are truly living on their own as they pay their own rent, cook their own food and travel to meet real-life needs. They learn to budget their own money, develop real credit reputations, take care of their own medical needs and learn how to use all the latest assistive technology in our state-of-the-art computer lab. Every part of the Hatlen curriculum is designed to address the individualized goals that will lead students to the last transition: a life of their own.

Who We Serve

The Hatlen Center serves adults, ages 18 and older, who have graduated high school and are ready to take the next step towards living an independent life. Students may attend school or work part-time while attending The Hatlen Center.

Our Staff

The Hatlen Center staff is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of visual impairment. Click here to learn more about each staff member.

Program Highlights

  • Instruction by immersion in cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and traveling (see our program curriculum)
  • Financial management experience
  • One-on-one individualized instruction in settings such as apartments, grocery stores, banks, public transportation and more
  • Personalized training in the latest adaptive technology tailored to meet each student’s individual needs
  • Recreational opportunities with peers who are blind or visually impaired
  • Freedom to make individual choices

Service Areas

The Hatlen Center is located in San Pablo, California, a safe neighborhood with access to public transportation to San Francisco and the Bay Area. Applications are accepted from students located across the United States.

Referral Procedure

Interested students may contact The Hatlen Center for more information or to schedule a tour at any time. Participation in DOR sponsored Junior Blind programs such as The Hatlen Center are at the discretion of, and require approval from, Rehabilitation Counseling staff prior to attendance.

Jacob's Story of Triumph


“I thought independent living wouldn’t be a possibility because of my minimal knowledge of independent living skills. By living with my parents, I wasn’t motivated to learn these skills. Then, my mom suggested that I spend a year between high school and college at The Hatlen Center."
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